Developed Interactive CEC Website and Social Media

Partner: Centre for Environment Communication (CEC)

EG has designed the interesting and interactive website for Centre for Environment Communication (CEC), with light and nifty touches giving it a contemporary and impactul online presence. The simple clean lines of the website on a pristine, white backdrop with pops of colour to throw up its primary competencies creates a clutter-free visual impact. The navigation is easy and upfront, with clever mouseovers which change the colours as you navigate and open up brief content, lending motion and dynamism to the site. A short-scroll home page compacts a wealth of information on CEC, without leaving the user overwhelmed. A combination of a dynamic main picture and static thumbnails, and a grey-white-three bright colours palette, the CEC website is a perfect example of comprehensive information presented in a vibrant-not-harsh colour scheme, easy on the eye, and easy to navigate.