About Us

Innovating & impacting for ourselves and our clients


Ennovate Global is a professional services firm that provides innovative and clientcentric solutions. Ennovate Global, or simply EG, is headquartered in Delhi, India and networks with multiple partners & clients across the country. EG is one of the premium professional services firms providing consulting and advisory services to its clients. In recent years, EG has expanded into markets adjacent to Corporate Social Responsibilities. It serves the industries in financial services, consumers, telecommunication & media, education and development. At Ennovate Global, we believe in innovating in the field of sustainable growth for ourselves and our clients


Innovative ideas, effective solutions and new ways for a fresh look and perspectives are the EG deliverables. It provides end-to-end plans - developing ideas from scratch to delivering a finished, polished product, customised to requirement.


EG. Innovating in the field of sustainable growth for itself and its clients.


Alka Tomar

Chief Executive Officer

As a professional services firm that provides innovative and client-centric solutions, we are more than just giving advices. With strong client involvement in the entire process, we aim to provide sustainable initiatives and growth for them. Promoting overall effectiveness is the goal. EG was the Sustainability Partner for a leading media house’s pan-India multiple award-winning environmental awareness programs and employee engagement partner for HSBC, managing their Employee Volunteering Programme across India. In addition, our team focuses on taking up sustainable and socially conscious projects, like creating an eye-catching and informative design for its partner organisation’s participation in the highprofile India Water Week initiated by the Government of India.